A Home Based Business – It Makes Sense

A Home-Based Business Makes more than “Cents”, it can make Dollar$ too!

There are many reasons why so many people are favoring home-based over traditional business.

Home Business Advantages

There is no commute (you work out of your home), you are your own boss, there is much lower overhead compared to starting a traditional business, no employees (or few), many tax advantages instead of tax increases, and far fewer government restrictions. It is for these reasons, according to Entrepreneur magazine, that 95 percent of home-based businesses succeed in their first year and achieve an average income of $50,250 per year with many earning much more. [Read more...]

A Home Business – What One Do I Choose?

What Business Should I Start?!?

Network Marketing

MultiLevel Marketing or Network Marketing is one of the simplest and best marketing plans out there. It allows you to Leverage Time and Create a Residual Income all by sharing your passion and knowledge. The education you give to others creates duplication and is what grows your business. [Read more...]

A Home Business – Why You Should Start One Today!


The Problem

In today’s rapidly changing economy, many people are getting a rude awakening as they realize that having a job with one company for their entire career is not how things work anymore. Companies continue to downsize, merge and even disappear. They are doing it more now than ever before. Even government jobs are not “safe” as federal and state agencies are getting into the act with layoffs and a reduction of available positions.

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