What Would You Spend to Create Your Future

The Best Home Business Opportunity

What would you spend to create your future? to find the best home business?

A Franchise?

So you want a business and you are thinking about a Franchise, probably only because you have not been told how many years it will take to pay off that loan for a franchise or how your health may suffer due to stress. You may be stressing over hiring and training all the time, because the people who work for you are just looking for a job. They really don’t care [Read more...]

Character Counts: In Life and with a Home Business

Character Counts: In Life and in a Home Business

The dictionary defines character as the mental and moral qualities of an individual.

I would define character as the value that encompasses many of your other values such as trustworthiness, honesty, respect, and reliability.  It has been said that character is what you do when no one is looking.

To me character is one of the most important things you possess in life.  Your character defines who you are and how you are viewed by the rest of the world. [Read more...]

Choose the Right MLM Company

So you’ve made the decision to get involved with MLM or Network Marketing. You might have read all the literature about how it’s a great marketing plan and that it’s recommended by such people as Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump.

But now you are not sure what company you should work with. Why is one organization superior to another?

Well I am here to tell you that if you simply want to join, stand on the corner next to the homeless guy and put on your sign “Searching for MLM Company”. You will create a traffic jam of network marketers jumping out of their car and racing to sign you up.

But once you sign on the dotted line what do you really get. Never assume all MLM organizations are the same. From payment plans to training there’s a lot to know before you press go.

Below are a few things to consider (your guidelines, so to speak) [Read more...]

Define Commitment

The dictionary defines commitment as the act of pledging oneself to an idea, cause or action.

To me commitment means “sticking it out”.

Every day we set goals – most of them little but sometimes they are big – or we sign up to do something.  It is very important to work at these goals and tasks and keep working on them until they are finished. [Read more...]