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Want Home Business Success? Here’s My Story…

Hello, welcome to my page. My name is Michael Tomberlin. If you are looking for a legitimate home business opportunity that can be done using the internet and online techniques, I hope you will continue to read my story to see that it can be done.

You don’t have to be a genius or a techie nerd. You just have to be willing and committed and have the desire. Put this together with some coaching and some tools … – high tech (the computer and the internet) and high touch (a simple phone call) – and you too can have a successful business.

I am sharing my story because I think I am like most of the people out there reading this page. If I can set this up and get a business going from home so can you. We all have talents and challenges we must overcome; it is really the willingness to use what we have and to move forward that separates those that do from those that dream.

Michael Tomberlin

Michael Tomberlin

I think you will understand what I mean if you read more of how it has gone for me:

My background is similar to most. I did the whole college thing and after changing majors several times I got my degree. But I wasn’t any closer to knowing what “I wanted to be when I grow up” than I was back in elementary school. In fact I might have been farther.

I got a job – but it was exactly that, a JOB. It paid the bills and all but it wasn’t what you could call fun. Clock in, clock out, answer to the boss man and hope for a raise.

I knew there had to be more. I switched jobs a few times and oh yeah got married. Can’t forget that. Don’t get me wrong, marriage is great and I love what I have and wouldn’t trade it but it is that final nail that pins you to something we call responsibility.

Now I had to not just worry about myself but also the commitment I made and the growing family that was showing up.

I knew the jobs I was doing weren’t going to provide what we needed and I never really liked many of them anyway so I moved on. But I was still searching for that job – you know that one that you actually looked forward to going to.

I kind of fell into a teaching job and I did like the vacation time and it worked great with kids because my vacation always matched theirs. I really liked that part because it allowed me to be home with them more and even though I had a job I still didn’t have to rely on babysitters and daycare to raise my kids.

So even though teaching still wasn’t my dream job, it did pay the bills and it did let me put my family first.

But I was still missing something. I still wasn’t satisfied. I knew there had to be something more for me.

My interests included things like the computer, the internet, designing and creating things – both physically like building a deck and digitally like making a computer program. I also liked education and helping people (the good part about teaching) but I didn’t like forcing anyone to do something they didn’t want to or need to (the bad part about teaching a subject like physics).

In my internet surfing expeditions I came across numerous stories of other people that were doing a lot of what I wanted to do and they looked like they were having more fun and they were definitely being successful.

MLM and network marketing kept showing up as the vehicle these people were using to achieve their success. This is something my Mom had been doing for years and it WAS NOT something that looked very good to me. Things like the 3 foot rule (talking to anyone you can physically touch) and the constant sell, talk, sell, talk were not me at all.

But I kept seeing success stories so I decided to at least take a look and see if there was something more to the MLM business that I didn’t know about.

I discovered that while there were some things I didn’t like there were more that I did. MLM, or Network Marketing, provided exactly the things I was looking for.

  • Flexibility
  • The ability to make an income to replace (and exceed) what I was making
  • Working with people
  • Being my own boss
  • The ability to do my own thing and create what I wanted (like a website or blog or…)
  • The chance to work at home and on my own schedule

After reading these things I discovered I was uneducated about what Network Marketing and MLM really were. I was just basing an opinion on what I thought I knew. It’s an easy mistake to make but one I decided I should remedy. Here was an opportunity that fit what I liked and what I wanted and what I needed. How could I pass that up?

I was still uneasy about the methods and how to go about starting a legitimate home business with MLM, but like I said earlier, my Mom had been doing it the old way for quite some time so I decided to start by helping her.

I decided to combine what I loved, building, designing, and the computer, with what she was doing. I knew the company she worked with was a good one and I had been using their products for over 10 years so it was a pretty easy thing to start.

That was 2007 and WOW have I learned a lot!

Mike working at home

Working from Home

I started with a plan of just making a website for my Mom. It sounded fun and I needed a hobby. But once I started going I started learning. I learned about the internet, attraction marketing and how to combine these things with a Network Marketing business.

I learned how to take a great business plan (MLM) and make it work the right way by taking the positives about MLM and combining them with the power of the internet and social networking.

And you know I am not the only one who thinks this way. Some big time business names agree – Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump have both written books about the virtues of Network Marketing and Warren Buffet owns a Network Marketing company.

Originally my website was geared mostly toward achieving health by taking positive steps in the choices we make about food, home and personal care products, and supplementation; Hence the name HealthyLife-HealthyPlanet. As I learned more about this subject I also learned that the company my Mom was working with was really ahead of its time and doing some great stuff on the health front.

I also learned a lot about the Network Marketing business. I learned that it is a fast growing industry that seems to be recession proof. It provides an on-going residual income. That means I can get paid over and over for work I do just one time!

I also found out that the company whose products I was using was leading the way in many of the fastest growing markets. I started to get excited about the possibilities.

I changed my goals from a hobby website to “Let’s Build a Business”.

I mean how could I not get excited. A business that fits my needs and uses tools I like to use.

So I have changed gears a little and started working to help others not just with their physical and environmental health but now I am ready to help anyone improve their Financial health as well.

I have done my research and continue learning every day. I found what works for those that have been successful and what works for me.

It IS possible to build a network marketing business online and be successful. I have made it my job to try and simplify the steps to achieve this to make both me and anyone else interested successful.

I am not offering a get-rich-quick scheme or money for doing nothing. And while it is possible to make money fast in this business most people require some time. It takes ongoing effort and consistency to get what you truly want.

But the best part is you get to decide what you want to do and build YOUR business. If something isn’t working you don’t have to complain about the stuff your boss is making you do, you just learn more (by asking questions, reading, experimenting, etc…) and make the change. No long staff meeting or silly form to fill out, you make the choice and move forward.

And even better, when something works, guess who gets the credit and the benefits – YOU!

And if you weren’t born wealthy and you are struggling, you don’t have to quit the 9 to 5 job to get started. You don’t have to ignore the kids for 8 hours at a time. You get to make you own hours and do things on your time.

I will warn you that that the less time you put into a network marketing business the slower it will grow and the longer it will take to be successful.

But it’s ok to Run, Walk or Crawl. We all have different circumstances we have to work with or around. The main thing is to at least move forward. Take the step. You won’t be taking it alone.

Personally I started in crawl mode. With 6 kids and a full time job as a public school teacher I couldn’t spend 40 hours a week at this. Some weeks I get more time in than others but no matter how much time I actually spend on the business, the things I did on the internet last week and last month are still there.

One thing I have started that I am excited about is working with non-profit organizations. I am helping them set up cause marketing programs that allow them to generate the funds they need to support their programs.

It is very rewarding to be able to help people in need – just another perk of this business plan. And just one more example of how me doing something I love and helping others be successful and in the process making myself successful. My success comes from the success of those I help. It’s a Win Win all the way around.

I would love to help you find your success.

If you are looking to start your own legitimate home business and a network marketing business sounds like something you would be interested in, I would love to show you what I have done and what I have to offer. If you like what you see, join me.

Take a look around my site and check out more about me and see some of what I have done. Sign up to look at the training classrooms I have created. If you are looking for more information about MLM, how it works and the training I can provide you will find those in the classrooms. Go through them carefully and when you have seen enough, YOU can make a decision.

The classrooms are free for you to go through. Just enter your name and email in the form below. You will be sent the password to get started. If you want to stay more anonymous because you are afraid of spam and phone calls, don’t worry I don’t do that. Believe me, I have been spammed a LOT and I don’t ever want to be lumped in as one of those guys!

You will get one email with the login information and a repeat of my contact info. From that email you have a choice to get more information about the classrooms. Kind of like a tour guide sheet that shows you around. I suggest you get those. If you decide you don’t want them later just delete them and click the button on the email that says don’t send the next one. It’s that easy.

You also have the choice to enter more information and the choice to have me guide you around the classrooms during a phone conversation.

The main thing is, you get a choice. I am way too busy to have time to harass you. I want to spend my time helping those that want to be helped not bothering people who aren’t interested.

I will always be honest and I will always be there to help. That is the NEW network marketing plan. Helping those that come to you ask and in the process building a successful business you can be proud of.

If you are serious, and committed, let’s work together to create the same thing for you! Let me know how I can help – It’s your move!

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