What Would You Spend to Create Your Future

The Best Home Business Opportunity

What would you spend to create your future? to find the best home business?

A Franchise?

So you want a business and you are thinking about a Franchise, probably only because you have not been told how many years it will take to pay off that loan for a franchise or how your health may suffer due to stress. You may be stressing over hiring and training all the time, because the people who work for you are just looking for a job. They really don’t care, most of them, if you are successful or not. They just want that paycheck. And if they don’t’ want to come to work; it’s your problem, not theirs. They will just go get another “fast food job “or ask the parents for money. Meanwhile, you will have to do more training. Everyone has a franchise, right? And it is good someone will, as we do need a lot of the businesses that are a franchise. But if you had a choice, would you rather get a loan for $2500, which is the lowest I have found on the list of Franchises, or maybe $7,000, or $66,000 or $250,000 or how about $1,103,500?

Money for Nothin’?

Or how about those commercials on late night TV that promise you hundreds or even thousands of dollars for just working a few minutes a day. It is only $69.95 for the program that’s worth 3, 4 or even 5 times that amount. What they don’t tell you is that just gets you some general information that you could easily find from many other sources. Once they get you on the line they want to sell you every little thing. And of course if you really want to make that money you are told you need to get all these “amazing tools”.

What I don’t get is if it only takes a few minutes a day to make this fantastic wealth why are these people wasting their time trying to sell me something for so little. Are they just that wonderful?!? And if they are so rich and so wonderful why can’t they just give it away?

A legitimate opportunity

I am thankful someone showed me how a very small investment could improve my health, the health of my family and I can share my “wealth” of knowledge. And I will share that knowledge as much as possible and FREE of charge. But what I won’t do is lie to you and say you will make hundreds for doing nothing. You do have to do some work. But I can tell you great success stories just like those commercials. I can tell you of a man who has shared his knowledge, his passion and helped hundreds of others and he brings home tens of thousands every month. And he is not alone.




  • What you spend is tax deductible
  • What you earn depends on your dreams and desires
  • Time investment is flexible
  • You can keep your present job (or not…)
  • You have multiple consultants to help run your business, free of charge for the life of your company
  • Another company researches and develops the product. ( Their research is one of a kind – Landmark Study)
  • Another company does the shipping, the payroll, sales tax
  • You have access to International markets.

Does any of this interest you?

  • This business involves multiple levels of people marketing. We show you and help you with these other people.
  • Over 5 million people are now involved in this type of business and an estimated 12 million will become involved this year. Will you be one of them?
  • Does a future you can hand down to your children interest you?
  • Every 6 seconds someone turns 50, and they don’t want to be old, but do want health and fortune.
  • Have you had anyone lately offer to help you become successful and financially independent? We are offering.
  • Do you think trading your time for a paycheck will make you the minimum of $1 million on which to retire?

Everyone networks everyday. We share a good book, a good recipe, a new place to dine, help with an ailment.

Network Marketing today holds the greatest promise of any marketing innovation for accomplishing the goal of educating consumers about new products and services. (Paul Zane Pilzer)

I understand if you are still unsure. The multi-level marketing business has really gotten a bad name and in some cases, deservedly so.

That’s why I want to offer you a *FREE* opportunity to evaluate network marketing, this company and ME.Successful Training Solutions

Successful Training Solutions is a training and evaluation website that gives you the chance to become a part of this opportunity and do so at your own pace with no obligation and no harassment.

Take a look at it.

Think about it.

Evaluate it.

If you like what you read and saw and you want to take the next step then just click the link to sign up or contact me and we can go from there.

To get started you only need to input your name and email in the form on the right side of the page and your password will be on its way!

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I am happily married and have 6 wonderful kids so life is sweet! I am building my own business on the internet and helping others to do the same. If you are looking to achieve more in life and reach for your dreams of being your own boss let me know. I would love to help you.

Working online and sharing what I have learned about an online business and improving your health and wellness are two things I enjoy.


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