The Secret is in the System

Learn to Choose the Right Home Business Opportunity

You find yourself sitting in front of your computer.  You have three different windows open each with a different ‘opportunity’ flashing in your face.

This window screams about the amazing compensation plan you just can’t live without, while that one flashes the “amazing” products they offer across the screen; the products that simply sell themselves.  And finally the third window promises fistfuls of money and a plan that keeps it coming in while you enjoy yourself at the beach.

Like many people around the country you are searching for a better life and a better job.  You have heard good things about the home business industry and you are ready to make the leap.

But like many people you find yourself lost in the puzzle of hype and glitz that has become the home business marketplace.  It’s not a problem finding an opportunity but it has become a huge problem trying to figure out which opportunity it a REAL opportunity.

Let’s try to clear the muddy waters and get down to what really matters.

Every opportunity is just that an opportunity.  It is not a guarantee of success or wealth.  For every home business plan out there you can find someone who has become successful with it and made it big.  But every year some guy also wins the lottery.  This stuff happens but it doesn’t happen for everyone that plays.

Most of those that play lose.  They quit without ever making any real money.  It doesn’t matter how great the product was or how wonderful their compensation plan is, if you don’t have the power to get your message out and the product to the people you will never make any money.

The secret is in the system.

A system gives you a way to generate business and provide service.  It provides you the training to create success.

It also gives you a way to build a business without having to chase people down or become an annoying salesperson who hounds everyone that comes within an arm’s length.

A system is a tool.  It’s a tool that allows you to stand on your own two feet and become a leader and not a salesman.  A system doesn’t always make your job easier but it does make you better and in turn makes your business better.

A system gives you the answer to “What do I do next?”   A good system takes you from a potential candidate to a business builder and it gives you the tools to do the same for others.  It’s like a pipeline with a set of steps that are written down and easy to follow.

In short is system is a blueprint; a set of plans to build success.

So go back and take a look at those opportunities flashing at you from your computer screen.   Take a look to see if they are an established company with a solid track record and a product that you would use even if you weren’t a distributor.

Then be sure that there is a system that will take you step by step from beginning to end and then do it again.

In other words – It’s okay to jump, just be sure where you will land!


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About Michael Tomberlin

I am happily married and have 6 wonderful kids so life is sweet! I am building my own business on the internet and helping others to do the same. If you are looking to achieve more in life and reach for your dreams of being your own boss let me know. I would love to help you.

Working online and sharing what I have learned about an online business and improving your health and wellness are two things I enjoy.


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