A Home Based Business – Can it Make Money?

Can you be successful and make money in a Home Based Business?

Research (and good ol’ common sense) has shown time and time again that it is not always the smartest guy that gets the best job, its not the fastest guy that always wins the championship and its not always the best business plan that achieves success.

The person, the determination, the POWER to Get It Done – that’s what determines success.

Simply put, It’s not the business, It’s usually the business owner.

Why is one person successful while another fails?

There are a lot of great words that could answer that question…  Character, Determination, Integrity, Desire, Ability, Talent and on and on.  But honestly the two words that must be present in your tool kit if you want to succeed are Knowledge and Action.

Without action you are just sittin’ the bench.  You are in the stands cheering and loving the fact you are at the game.  But no matter how enthusiastic you are you will never score that touchdown or win the game or succeed at business without taking action.  Enter Business failure…

But now imagine yourself being whisked out of those stands.  You are on the field, the bright lights are shining, you are fired up and ready to run.  They hand you the ball and man you jump into action.  Running left, running right, running all over the place and at top speed.

WOW, I am getting tired.  I must have scored by now, I must be a success I am working non-stop.

But wait, how do I score?

What game am I in?

What are the rules?

Without Knowledge, Action could be wasted.

They make a winning team.  Coach, playbook, practice, and execution.  Put them to work and then all your Talent, Ability, Desire, Integrity, Determination and Character will be allowed to take the field and succeed.

OK, lets get back to reality and what you face everyday as you look for your chance to change, your chance to break out and start something of your own.

Hyped up Infomercials and Internet pages scream of the instant success you will have by doing NOTHING.  Shiny magic pills for sale.  Buy one and do it NOW before they don’t feel so generous anymore. We promise you will make tons of money and you can do it in only a few minutes a day!

It’s easy to fall for the smooth presentation.  I know I have.  I also know I have never made any money by sittin around but I have lost plenty by thinking I could. A perfect example of  lack of knowledge and ACTION. And again business failure.

It’s just too easy to get excited about starting a home business and the dreams that go with it.  I mean look at all the other guys who have done it and have become successful.

It’s also too easy to start a business without all the necessary knowledge.

Quite often you can start a home business with very little upfront money so its easy to ‘jump’.

But imagine you were going to open a restaurant or a daycare. These are large undertakings and you would do some research upfront to make sure it would work and you would stick with it even when it started out slow. (As all new businesses do). You would stick with it because you took the time to do your research and you have invested time and money into it so you can’t just quit at the first rough patch.

But a home business that is so easy to start and so cheap makes it so easy to quit.  Quitting before you have enough time to acquire, through experience, the knowledge they need to really make the business work.

All businesses take time to grow and make money. The advantage of many home businesses is that they allow you to start with little money down, and without quitting your current job. You have the time to grow and learn. You just need the determination to stick with it.  And the Knowledge and Action to make it succeed.

And don’t forget, you are getting substantial tax breaks so even when it doesn’t seem like you are making money you really are.

And now to the BIG question…What kind of Home Business do I start?

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About Michael Tomberlin

I am happily married and have 6 wonderful kids so life is sweet! I am building my own business on the internet and helping others to do the same. If you are looking to achieve more in life and reach for your dreams of being your own boss let me know. I would love to help you.

Working online and sharing what I have learned about an online business and improving your health and wellness are two things I enjoy.


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